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The CESAM chamber is a 4.2 m3 stainless steel atmospheric simulation chamber. It is evacuable down to a few 10-7 atm and is temperature controlled between +15°C and +60°C. It is equipped with high power xenon arc lamps which the artificial light source the more realistic to sun irradiation. Due to the very low level of electrostatic charges on its wall the aerosol lifetime in CESAM can be very long for submicron particle (up to 4 days) which enable the study of the ageing processes of secondary aerosol as well as their consequences on their properties.

The scientific spectrum of CESAM is nevertheless much larger than SOA studies as it is also possible to generate cloud events in CESAM, to inject desert dust, to seed with ionic aerosols, to inject soots, to perform photochemistry study.
The full description of CESAM has been published in Wang et al, 2011.

CESAM is equipped with a comprehensive sets of analytical instruments and benefit from the instrumental environment dedicated to atmospheric chemistry provided by provided by LISA.

Instrument Instruments
Measurement Typical Det. limit
(time resolution)
(Kore ltd.)
VOC, OVOC,… 0.1 ppb (60 seconds) Base
Gas NOx Analyser
(Horiba APNA370)
1 ppb (5 seconds)
1 ppb (5 seconds)
Gas O3 Analyser
(Horiba APOA370)
O3 1 ppb (5 seconds) Base
Gas SO2 Analyser
(Horiba APSA370)
SO2 1 ppb (5 seconds) Optional
Gas External CRDS
(Picarro 2302)
CO2, CO, H2O Optional
Gas Sorbent cartridges + GC-MS
(Varian CP3800 – Saturn 2200)
VOC variable ~0.1 ppb
(15 minutes)
Gas Automatic GC- FID
(Perkin Elmer Clarus 680)
VOC variable ~0.5 ppb
(30 minutes)
Gas in-situ FTIR
(Bruker Tensor 37)
VOC, NOx, NOy, Ozone variable ~5 ppb
(5 minutes)
Gas Hygrometer
(Vaisala HMP 234)
Relative humidity 2%
(5 minutes)
Particle Supercritical Fluid Extraction- GC-MS
(Varian CP3800 – Q1200)
Organic aerosols 10 ng / compound/ filter Optional
Particle EC/OC
Elemental carbon and organic fraction of particle Optional
Particle Hygroscopy Tandem DMA
(Home made)
Particle hygroscopicity see denjean et al, 2014 Optional
Particle Analytical Electron microscopes Particle shape - Micro-elemental-analysis Optional
Aerosol SMPS
(TSI 3080 + TSI3025)
Aerosol size distribution (10 to 850 nm) (2 minutes) Base
Aerosol Light-scattering aerosol
(Palas Welas digital 2000)
Aerosol size distribution (0.3 μm to 15 μm) (2 minutes) Base
Aerosol External CRDS
CAPS-Pmex Aerodyne
Aerosol light Extinction @ 450 nm 2 Mm-1
(2 secondes)
Aerosol External CRDS
CAPS-Pmex Aerodyne
Aerosol light Extinction @ 630 nm 2 Mm-1
(2 secondes)
Aerosol Nephelometre
(TSI 3596)
3 Wavelength aerosol light scattering
(450, 550, 700 nm)
X Mm-1
(1 secondes)
Aerosol Aethalometer
(AE-31 Magee Scientific)
7 Wavelength absorption
(370, 420, 470, 520, 660, 870, 950 nm)
X Mm-1
(2 min)
Physical Spectroradiometer
LiCOR 1800
Actinic Flux Optional
Physical Temperature sensor
(Vaisala HMP 360)
Temperature Base
Physical Pressure gauge
Pressure 1.5 – 10-7 atm. Base